Cheryl Roberds

I was a typical horse crazy girl.  Every weekend I would beg my dad to take me trail riding.  He would get a coffee and read the paper.  I then begged to go to horse camp.  I would go to Webb’s holiday acres in Aldergrove.   I never made it to camp counsellor but that was one of my goals.   I finally got my own horse at 13.  I think my dad paid off an overdue board bill.  She was not very well trained but we both survived riding around newton and panorama ridge and Campbell valley park.  We went to a few gymkhanas and had some fun.  Fast forward to adulthood and I was lucky enough to find a partner that was just as passionate about horses as I used to be.  We started off showing Arabians in western and hunter classes.  This evolved into dressage.  I did not enjoy showing very much as no one seemed to have fun.  I also did not like the training by force that was used. We got into horsemanship and started to build trust and a connection with our horses.  This evolved into a love for liberty and the connection you can have with groundwork.   We got away from showing and raised our family.  We kept educating ourselves and started a lesson program to educate and get people back to classical riding with a balanced seat and soft hands starting off in a halter and bareback pad.  We incorporate vaulting and other tools and obstacles for ourselves and our students.  My husband saw a video of Working equitation.  He did some research and went to a few clinics and thought this was a perfect sport for us to get into as we have always combined good horsemanship with dressage and obstacles.  We went to Oregon last year and had an absolute blast.  I was just a groom for my husband but was inspired to get more involved.  The incredible sportsmanship and genuine welfare of the horse was a welcome change from the usual show crowd.  I have met and become friends with some amazing people this last year.  I am so happy to be involved with our new working equitation family.  I am looking forward to participating in my first camp and show in August. 

1 Comments on “Cheryl Roberds”

  1. You are an inspiration. Never give up on your dreams. Never stop learning. Always strive for greatness. Positive thoughts for your continuing journey.

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