Leah Gray her Journey

Leah Gray was born into horses with a father that was a farrier and a mother passionate about horses. Leah’s first horse wasn’t a horse but a pony named Pepper. Out growing Pepper came Dusty, Casey, Dynamite, Pagan, Duece a stallion and Dark Angel. All of these loving horses teaching Leah that Horses come in all different sizes, personalities, breeds and how important it is to be a team. 

Leah took a break from horses for many years . Than Leah had a bad accident as a passenger in a pick up truck, leaving her with no feeling on the inside of her left knee due to nerve damage. With no inner feeling of her lower leg. Leah had doubt if she’d ever ride again. 

Leah than met this fiery chestnut QH mare named Cagey in 2015. Cagey came to Leah with a lot of issues. Cagey being super super sensitive demanded a equal partnership. Cagey and Leah both had injuries to heal and work through. Leah and Cagey working together on they’re healing and trust becoming a team. 

On their journey together they found western dressage as an activity to grow. As their relationship continued they saw a clinic by Trish Hyatt on a new sport called Working Equation! Cagey seemed to enjoy the challenge of the sport, they went to several more clinics to learn more about ease of handling and the speed round. 

Leah’s greatest goal for Cagey and her is bettering their partnership and surpassing their own previous goals and accomplishments by trying new activities for their growth.

Inspired by the warm friendly people promoting the sport is exactly what Leah was looking for to continue creating trust with Cagey. Wish Cagey and Leah luck, fun, new friendships and success at WE Cross National Cup on their continued journey of horse and rider. Go Team BC Go! 

Thanks Leah 

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