The Journey of Sandy Lang

Sandy Lang is a Foundation Horsemanship Clinician residing on the West Coast of B.C. You can find her most days, with her horses or helping clients work on a foundation that will serve them well in any discipline.

Her passion for Foundation Horsemanship can be traced back to when she was a child riding the family horses and wanting to understand how horses thought, and why they did the things they did. It was many years later when she found Parelli Natural Horsemanship that she realized understanding how horses think and act is paramount in having a horse that is happy and content in his job. As a Parelli Professional she studied in Colorado and Florida and taught as a Parelli Professional here in Canada.

It’s the focus on the emotional, mental and physical fitness of horses within Natural Horsemanship that lead her into her currant role as Sandy Lang Horsemanship where she keeps the foundation roots strong, while branching in to the exhilarating equine sport of Working Equitation. WE fits perfectly into her beliefs of striving for a relaxed and trusting partner who enjoys his job, and is motivated. People have said, Sandy is lucky she has nice horses. She understands that when she figures out how each individual horse thinks and why he acts the way he acts, she is able to help him feel more connected to her. This is not luck, he knows that he is heard and respected, and she is heard and respected.

In 2018 she competed in Eugene Oregon at the Cross National Cup. She met some amazing people and talented horses who transformed her into a WE “learnaholic”. Her goal is to help others who find this sport fascinating and fun, giving them and their horse grass roots to draw from as they develop their horse through the levels.

Within Foundation Horsemanship and WE, working at liberty with her horses is an important part of Sandy’s daily routine. Aside from giving here horses an avenue to express themselves, liberty helps them feel braver, think and ask questions, all of which help with everything else she does with them.

As a member of WECan, and the WCWE chapter in the Fraser Valley, B.C., Sandy will continue to help and share her knowledge through helping horses and people be the best they can be.

Sandy and her Andalusian quarter horse cross, Escudo, will be competing together in HighRiver, Alberta, at the L2 Novice A level.

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