Kim Yawney’s Journey

I grew up in the city of Vancouver the only exposure to horses was trail riding once in a blue moon.  I was working in Vancouver and I met a lady who had horses and showed them. I was so intrigued with the fact… Read More

The Journey of Sandy Lang

Sandy Lang is a Foundation Horsemanship Clinician residing on the West Coast of B.C. You can find her most days, with her horses or helping clients work on a foundation that will serve them well in any discipline. Her passion for Foundation… Read More

Leah Gray her Journey

Leah Gray was born into horses with a father that was a farrier and a mother passionate about horses. Leah’s first horse wasn’t a horse but a pony named Pepper. Out growing Pepper came Dusty, Casey, Dynamite, Pagan, Duece a stallion and… Read More

Leonore Claypool Journey

A little about Leonore Claypool                                     About 6 years ago I happened upon a Working Equitation video on FB and I was absolutely amazed watching the talent of both the Iberian horse and rider speeding through the obstacles doing canter pirouettes and flying… Read More

Cheryl Roberds

I was a typical horse crazy girl.  Every weekend I would beg my dad to take me trail riding.  He would get a coffee and read the paper.  I then begged to go to horse camp.  I would go to Webb’s holiday acres in Aldergrove.   I never… Read More

Darrell Roberds Journey

Darrell Roberds started riding at 3 years old. He was an annoying child who begged, borrowed and snuck rides on anything with 4 legs. By 6 years old he was going to rodeos where he rode sheep ( mutton busting), steers, ponies… Read More

Mandy and her Journey

I have been involved with horses all of my life. I was lucky as my mom was a show jumper in England and loved horses. But when we immigrated from England there was little to no room or money for horses. I… Read More

Dean Ross’s Journey

Hello all, this is my journey into the world of horses! My wife Dena, and daughter Morgan, were enjoying horses together, and having fun. I watched for a year or so as I was always a little nervous around horses. Somehow, it wasn’t… Read More

MJ Terrell

MJ was one of those kids who would gallop around pretending to ride her imaginary horse. Or sometimes she WAS a horse. The first thing she ever drew was a unicorn. But she was born and raised in the inner city and… Read More

Dena Ross

Dena Ross has loved horses her entire life, however it was only a few years ago that she was able to realize her dream of owning one of these beautiful animals and learning to ride. Her first horse Ike, a 25yo TWH did… Read More