Dena is a marketing and finance professional with a Master’s in Business Administration. She is naturally curious, energetic and believes that life is so much better if you have at least one thing you are passionate about.

Dena has loved horses her entire life, although it was only a few years ago she finally had the opportunity to start riding. During the past few years, Dena and her equine partner, Chevy, have been learning the ropes together, building their confidence and participating in as many different activities as they can.

In August of 2018, they traveled to Oregon for the Cross National WE Clinic and Cup, which also happened to be their very first show! It was during that 5-day working equitation clinic and 3-day show that Dena learned how truly incredible this community and sport is and really became hooked. Now, she is a dedicated member of the West Coast Chapter of WE Canada and would encourage anyone who enjoys developing a willing partnership with their horse and meeting great people, to give this incredibly inclusive and fun sport a try!