Julie Alonzo has been actively involved in Working Equitation since its introduction to North America. Founder of WE United, the national governing body for the sport in the United States, she has organized and attended five intensive judge seminars taught by international Working Equitation judges (25 days of classroom and arena instruction), organized and attended numerous clinics taught by internationally-recognized experts in the discipline, and has twice traveled to Portugal to watch Working Equitation Championships. She has taught over 90 Introduction to Working Equitation clinics in California, Idaho, Florida, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Illinois, New York, Texas, Utah, Washington, and her home state of Oregon as well as both Alberta and British Columbia, Canada and Australia.

In addition, Julie has organized and managed both large and small Working Equitation competitions, including the 2017 WE United National Championships, the 2018 Cross National WE Camp and Cup, and rated shows in Oregon, Washington, Utah, Nevada, California, Texas, Michigan, and Illinois.

Three decades of experience as an educator (first at the high school level and since 2002 at the University level) help ensure that her clinics are well-organized, clearly explained, and provide scaffolded learning opportunities for riders and spectators alike. The book she co-authored on the sport has been purchased by enthusiasts across the United States as well as in Australia, Europe, Africa, and China (it is now out of print).

Julie and her home-bred mare CDC Memoria led the 2016 national standings for #1 novice-level horse/rider pair in the United States, and they are currently #2 Intermediate A level horse/rider pair in the United States.