Kim Yawney’s Journey

I grew up in the city of Vancouver the only exposure to horses was trail riding once in a blue moon.  I was working in Vancouver and I met a lady who had horses and showed them. I was so intrigued with the fact she owned horses we became very good friends.  

She told me there was a horse at her barn that I could lease because the guy that owned her never came out to ride it.  This is where my journey into horses started. So I leased this Morgan mare for about a year.  

Then my friend went up to Keremeos and came home and she says to me Kim have a found the horse for you.  I was like what me buy a horse, No way.  So we took a road trip up to see this horse and he had me at Hello.  He was this beautiful chestnut and white pinto Arab/Saddlebred cross and he had presence.  He pranced around like he owned the world.  So I took a test drive no saddle in a halter and a 3 year old girl leading me around.  Now I have never been on a horse bareback! All was good till the little girl stopped all of a sudden and so did the horse but I slipped off face first into the hard ground it almost knocked the wind out of me.  So my friend comes over and holding her hands out to give me a leg up. That was my first encounter, she had planted the seed.  

So we went home and made plans to come back with a saddle and try him again. His registered name sealed the deal Gona Kic Som Butts barn name Buzz.  I did a bit of showing with him in the first few years but my career took over my life and I did not have time to ride.  10 years ago I quit my full time job to work from home but missed the social interaction with people.  I would drive by a therapeutic riding center on my way to work and always thought I should stop in and volunteer.  I finally had a friend of a friend that volunteered at this place and asked her to stop by and pick me up because the center had moved and I could not find it.  So she did and I started as a volunteer then became staff and now I am an Instructor there.  

I now have 4 horses and have learnt horsemanship, agility, dressage and western dressage.  4 years ago my 2 year old then was just being broke to ride and I had some confidence issues this is where I met this WE family of friends.  Our introduction to WE was 3 years ago but this past year we really started to get more involved with it.  And then my Sassy Red head friend says to me lets sign up for the CNC Cup in Alberta it will be fun.  So I say OK and here we are on this incredible fun adventure of learning.

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