Mandy and her Journey

I have been involved with horses all of my life.

I was lucky as my mom was a show jumper in England and loved horses. But when we immigrated from England there was little to no room or money for horses.

I saw a pony tethered way below the old bridge that we crossed to drop my father off for work. I begged to have my parents take me down to see that pony, and so they did. We asked permission to look at the tethered pony and I can still remember that pony’s smell and the way I felt; I was 5 years old. We went every Saturday with chopped carrots, it was the only thing I thought about. I ran like a horse, drew horses and only wanted books with horses.

We moved to a smaller one acre lot and we got a pony that was ill and nursed him back to good health and the journey began.

My love for the equine runs deep and true and I attribute this devotion in part to growing up with dedicated parents who spent many, many untold hours of unwavering support for my passion, in cold, wet, or hot and dusty venues.

I have shown many breeds and disciplines – from eventing to dressage, hunt seat, saddle seat, ranch riding, endurance, to reining & bridle horse– I have trained and schooled with great mentors; from Bert Rutten, Cindy Ishoy, Richard Caldwell, Jonathan Field, and Dietrich von Hauff, just to name a few.

My equine education extends to an agricultural diploma in marketing, forage and production, and an extensive background as a trained Equine Natural Health Care Consultant and Kinesiologist.

In my business, and with my own horses, my main objective is to see the life of our horses to be as natural as possible, whether they are race, show or pleasure horses.

And now that I found the WE family and discipline for my next adventure with my horses – I love it! Its a perfect fit for me, as it’s what I feel any and every horse should have – a good basics of dressage and then you can do any other discipline and that makes Working Equitation great fun. I know the horse’s enjoy the sport as it gives a purpose to circles, bend, and connection and then all those flying changes! It’s a kind sport for horses and humans to do together and that makes this discipline the one for my horses and me!

So onwards we go! 

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